sumi ink on paper
approx 45" x 45"


spacerThe most recent work is a series of collages made using sumi, the traditional ink used in Japan for calligraphy and painting. These are created with a somewhat playful approach.

It is only after I have created many sheets covered with sumi drawings that I cut them up and create collages from them. The collages are glued on to masonite which has been gessoed, and then finished with a wax-like glaze. This method of presenting the work does not use glass, which would reflect and the sense of depth in the image would be lost.

The most difficult part of the work is arranging the pieces into the collage itself. I strive for a particular sensibility, involving motion and emotion. Occasionally forms emerge which seem to be recognisable, and which suggest a direction.

Getting a sense of richness and depth is always important, as it is this which makes up for the lack of color other than black and white and grey. However the sumi collages themselves came about as a result of color collages that I had already made, and which can also be seen on this site.

Christie Nuell